With too many Americans struggling to save for their retirement, we certainly shouldn’t be cutting benefits to seniors who need and deserve Social Security. These are benefits hardworking Americans have earned by paying into the system their whole lives.

Jim supports measures to ensure long-term stability, raising the revenue cap is one option. And Jim will fight any measure to cut or privatize Social Security. He believes in keeping our promises to our nation’s seniors by paying what we owe and preserving these programs for our children and grandchildren.

After a lifetime of hard work, our seniors deserve to know that Medicare will continue to guarantee their health coverage for life.

The solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund has been extended by 13 years since the passage of health reform. Jim believes we should go even further to bring costs down, and it doesn’t have to be on the backs of our seniors.

Continuous improvement is always essential in business and government. Medicare has remained solvent because of our ability to make improvements to the program without turning it into a voucher program.

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